Siblings Club

The JBF Siblings Club was launched at the Ponderosa Riding Stables in Arima on Saturday 15th March 2008.

This project addresses the emotional needs of the brothers and sisters of children with cancer, and is a major facet of the foundation's mission to provide holistic support for the families affected by this disease.


Ra Ven's Experience

We have invested countless hours in researching this area, and have taken our cue from information shared by our daughter RaVen, who articulated her experiences, emotions and needs. She described a feeling of being invisible’ at times. We have discovered that this is just one of the critical issues that confront the siblings as they sometimes feel neglected because their parents' focus is directed primarily toward their sick brother or sister.



The Siblings Club events takes place six times per year. The day’s activities include horseback riding, a nature hike, a talk on diet and nutrition, an aerobic workout, craft, drama, singing, games and other fun activities. An essential component of each of these meetings are group therapy sessions and exercises that allow the siblings to share their experiences, thoughts and emotions either in writing, through discussion or via some other creative medium.



Ponderosa Riding Stables - Siblings Club Outing
Edith Falls - Siblings Club Outing
Wild Fowl Trust - Siblings Club Outing